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Presidential Dictatorship?

 The news has been full of McCain’s lobbyist-campaign workers and their ties to dictatorships, including Iran. (Talking with Iran is “appeasement” if you are Sen. Obama, but in McCain’s world, lobbying for Iran with the U.S. Congress is apparently just fine!) But, today, we find that a brand new McCain aide, Michael Goldfarb, believes the Constitution gives the U.S. President “near dictatorial powers” in foreign policy.

Haven’t we just had 8 years of this terrible, misguided, illegal thinking?  There are movements in the American Bar Association to strip such Bush people as Alberto Gonzalez of their licenses to practice law for just such views–turned into policy by the Bushies.  This is a VERY GOOD REASON to support a presidential candidate who believes in the Constitution, and has taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago. 

Bill Moyers recently warned that democracy in the U.S. has been a history of narrow escapes and that our luck may be running out.  All those who don’t want a presidential dictator should, AT THE VERY LEAST, demand that McCain fire Goldfarb and repudiate his views–and then decide carefully whether to trust McCain’s word.


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