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The McCain File

Sen. Barack Obama (and now the Democratic National Convention) takes no money from Washington, D.C. lobbyists.  This ad shows just one of the many ways that McCain, who claims to be for clean government, is really a tool of foreign lobbyists, some with ties to dictators and U.S. adversaries.

With the help of some Bush lobbyists, McCain and the Republican National Convention raised $45 million dollars last month.  The Obama campaign is countering with small donations from thousands of individuals.  In the last few weeks, they have enlisted over 25,000 first time donors, most with $25 or less.  They hope to have 30,000 new donors by the end of June–helping them to campaign in all 50 states, on behalf of many progressive candidates.  To contribute to this–to pit citizen power against the power of corporate lobbyists, click here.


June 9, 2008 - Posted by | U.S. politics


  1. I see you have thrown off the mantle of a prophet and are now shamlessly flaking for a warmonger Presidential candidate. Turns out that Jesus is a Democrat after all. You are as bad as the TV preachers of the Christian right

    Shame on you.

    Comment by DON | June 9, 2008

  2. Don, I’ve never been a prophet. I am not uncritical of Obama, although he is not a warmonger. I am not an ordained minister, never mind a TV preacher. Jesus is not a Democrat, but I am as a lesser of evils. I have criticized Obama and other Democrats and will again. If the General Election turned out to pit Republican Chuck Hagel (R-NE), who was for ending the Iraq war with Democrat Hillary Clinton (D-NY), who voted for it and never apologized, I had promised to vote for Hagel. Ending the war is that important.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | June 9, 2008

  3. How exactly is Michael’s post here (in which he points out that Obama’s new policy is not to take money from Lobbyists and McCain’s weakness on this point) a move to “flaking” for Obama?

    Many of us think that removing this sort of moneyed lobbying from the process is a good thing, and as such, this is a post in support of that removal. It’s only marginally about Obama.

    We ought critique and comment on policies, rather than condemning each politician as horrible even when they come down on the right side of some policies.

    Not too long ago I praised McCain for his position against the promotion of ethanol, as it was/is having detrimental affects on the world’s poor and on food prices. That I praised McCain for that policy position is not an indication that I’m flaking for him.

    Comment by Dan Trabue | June 10, 2008

  4. Agreed. Good post. I put up a link on my blog.

    Comment by MattW | June 15, 2008

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