Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers


I will reprint here hymns and spiritual songs that are excellent, but not as well known throughout Christian churches as others.

Walls That Divide

1)Tho’ ancient walls may still stand proud

and racial strife be fact,

tho’ boundaries may be lines of hate,

proclaim God’s saving act!


Walls that divide are broken down, Christ is our unity!

Chains that enslave are thrown aside, Christ is our liberty!

2)When vested pow’r stands firm entrenched

and breaks another’s back,

when waste and want stand side-by-side,

it’s gospel that we lack!

(Repeat Chorus)

3)The truth we seek in varied scheme,

the life that we pursue,

unites us in a common quest

for self and world made new!

(Repeat Chorus)

4)The Church divided seeks that grace,

that newness we proclaim;

a unity of serving love

that lives praise to God’s Name!

(Repeat Chorus)

5)This broken world seeks lasting health

and vital unity;

God’s people in the Christ made new,

cast off all slavery!

(Repeat Chorus).

Words copyright 1974 by Walter Farquharson.

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  1. A great hymn. I’ve never encountered it. What tune does it use and where can the music be found for those who are able to sing it? (That leaves me out – I just savour the words.)

    Comment by Tauratinzwe | June 23, 2008

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