Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

Index of Posts on GLBT Persons in the Church: A Case for Full Inclusion

  1. Terms and Presuppositions.
  2. Use of Scripture in Moral Discernment
  3. Range of Christian Views on “Homosexuality.”
  4. The Sodom Story
  5. Two Texts from the “Holiness Code” in Leviticus.
  6. Addendum: Pro-GLBT “Over-readings” of Biblical Texts.
  7. Two Brief Texts from Paul (with major issues in translation).
  8. Romans 1:18-2:1.
  9. Addendum 2: DVD Review of For the Bible Tells Me So.
  10. Richard Hays’ Argument, A.
  11. Richard Hays’ Argument, B.
  12. Matt. 19:11-12: A Positive Word from Jesus?
  13. Addendum: Loose Ends.
  14. Sexual Orientation: Science.
  15. Identifying Threats
  16. Acts 10: Gentile Inclusion
  17. Loose Ends 2.
  18. Final” Post: Toward a Single-Standard Sexual Ethic for All Christians.

July 14, 2008 - Posted by | Biblical exegesis, ethics, GLBT issues


  1. I’m very glad for this posting. Considering I’m in California, this is a huge point of discussion currently. I’m also in a locale with a large gay population (Palm Springs).

    Comment by Steven Kippel | July 17, 2008

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  3. […] my theologian friend Michael Westmoreland-White has just completed a 17-part series on homosexuality over at his blog called Levellers. His must-read series is titled GLBT Persons in […]

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  4. […] Sweden Becomes 7th Nation to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Joining Canada, South Africa, Spain, Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands, SWEDEN will legalize same-sex marriage beginning in May.  When will the U.S. wake up and get on board?  See my arguments for Christians to fully accept GLBT folks in the church and have one sexual ethic for all here. […]

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  5. […] theological,  and ethical reflection. (My own meager attempts in this direction can be found here. )  But I think we short-circuit the process of ethical discernment when we do not add in such […]

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