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Dr. Platypus on the Biblical Canon

I receive emails asking me questions WAY outside my fields of expertise. One recent one asked for an account of the canon of Scripture: how we got the books in our Bibles, how various ones made it in or didn’t, why differences (in the Old Testament) between Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Bibles, etc.  Well, I’ve read some works on this topic, but not recently. So, I contacted some biblical scholars that have their own blogs and asked if any would be willing to post a series on the same–aimed at laity.  My old friend, Darrell Pursifal, who blogs as “Dr. Platypus,” decided to take me up on it.

His first installment, on the canon of the Older or First Testament is here.  I expect his post on the New Testament canon, soon.  Thanks, Darrell, for rescuing me.  I’m always glad to be able to use the resources of the internet to educate the People of God and I know I need help from others like Darrell.  This is that elusive “online community” you hear so much about, right? 🙂

Read Darrell’s blog, regularly. It’s fun and informative even if/especially because he doesn’t always agree with me!

Update: Here is Darrell’s post on the NT canon.

UPDATE: Darrell’s site is currently experiencing some kind of technical difficulty.  When it is fixed, I will notify all my Gentle Readers in this space.  Problem fixed, I think. It was not Dr. Platypus’ problem, but mine.

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