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Excellent Series from Other Bloggers

You can learn quite a bit from good blogs–and not just this one (he said with deep humility). ūüôā So, here, Gentle Readers, are some of my favorite series from blogger friends:

Heaven, a series that shows it is NOT the center of biblical hope at Nothing New Under the Sun.

At that same blog, the great series on Jesus and Climate Change. (Byron, who runs the blog, has also done a series on Peak Oil, but has not put up one page to link to on that series.)

My friend, Dan Trabue, has a great series on “The Bible and Economics” on his blog, A Payne Hollow Visit. Scroll down and find the individual posts listed on the left of the blog under the Bible and Economics heading.

David W. Congdon, who runs the great blog, The Fire and the Rose, has several excellent series.¬† Although I am not a universalist (Yet; I’d like to be, but still wrestle with problems it poses), I highly recommend his series, Why I Am a Universalist: A Dogmatic Sketch.¬† I also recommend highly his series, The Heresies of American Evangelicalism. (I should mention that David is a product of American Evangelicalism, including graduating from Wheaton College!)

I have previously recommended Thom Stark’s fantastic series on Romans 13 as a call to nonviolent political activism, not blind obedience to the state or other Powers.¬† I’d also like to recommend his series on Early Christian Nonviolence.

Over at Ben Myers’ blog (which I constantly recommend here, I know), you should not miss the many Propositions by Kim Fabricius. (Kim really needs to get his own blog.)¬† Also Ben’s series on Theology for Beginners which should be turned into a booklet for use in adult education in churches. And, for those who have always wanted to tackle Karl Barth, but have been intimidated by the sheer volume, see Ben’s Church Dogmatics in a Week. (Not that anyone could actually read CD in that time!)¬† The series of guest posts on Ben’s site, Encounters with Tradition, is excellent as is the guest series, For the Love of God (and some Theologians).

Halden Doerge’s blog, Inhabitatio Dei, is great. I recommend his series of guest posts on pacifism, My Peace I Leave Unto You.

Happy Reading.


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  1. Thought for sure you would blog on the Saddleback forum?

    Comment by Jennifer | August 20, 2008

  2. To have commented on that obviously biased “forum” would have been to break my word not to comment again on the presdidential race until after the conventions.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | August 20, 2008

  3. above your pay grade

    Comment by Dan Hollander | August 21, 2008

  4. I’m making a booklet of BM’s theology of beginners, with a jacket cover and all. It’s not going to be for small groups though; it is going to be a bathroom reader.

    Comment by none | September 11, 2008

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