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This site will not be updated until I can cure the computer problems in this household. Please be patient, Gentle Readers.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (in the U.S.–Canada’s was in October and most countries don’t have a thanksgiving holiday). I pray for the people of Mumbai, India.

This is World AIDS Day. 30 million people globally are diagnosed as having either the HIV virus or an active case of AIDS. 2 million are children. Please pray and contribute to the research for (a) a cure, (b) better and less expensive treatments, (c) a vaccine. Do all we can locally and globally to prevent the spread of AIDS by better education–including in churches which are reluctant to discuss ANYTHING dealing with sex. Care for the orphans of AIDS victims–whole generations are being lost in parts of Asia and Africa. Quit demonizing the victims of the disease or separating them into the “good victims” (who didn’t violate any sexual taboos in contracting the disease) and the “bad victims.” 

Re-Claim Christmas by refusing to use this Holy Day as an occasion for greed and gluttony and conspicuous consumption, but celebrate by generosity and service to others-locally and globally.


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