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Nobel Peace Prize 2008

10 December is International Human Rights Day.  It is also the day when the world’s most famous peacemaking award, The Nobel Peace Prize, is awarded in Oslo, Norway.  According to the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will, most of the prizes bearing his name are awarded by various institutions in Sweden (in Stockholm–also on 10 December), but the Peace Prize is awarded by a committee of Norwegian citizens chosen by the Storting, or Norwegian Parliament.  This year the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Martti Ahtisaari, past President of the Republic of Finland, former UN Ambassador and a global mediator for his decades of efforts in ending conflicts in Namibia, the Balkans, Iraq and elsewhere.  Ahtisaari’s curriculum vita is found here.  The homepage of his current organization, the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), whose mission is to build sustainable security for the whole planet, is here.

You can read the presentation speech awarding the Prize to Ahtisaari, here.  Ahtisaari’s Nobel Lecture is here.

Congratulations, Mr. Ahtisaari! Blogging in celebration of your award and hearing your challenge to us all (especially on the importance of achieving a just peace in the Middle East) was much more fun than concentrating on bad economic news or the debacle of the corruption scandal of the governor of Illinois! 🙂

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