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Ordering a Volt

Well, now that G. W. Bush has done the right thing (my computer can’t believe I just typed that), I am going online and pre-ordering a GM Volt–plug-in hybrid electric that should roll off in early 2010.

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  1. I’ve have two cars getting old, but I’ve vowed NOT to buy another car until I can buy an electric (or at least a plug-in hybrid). I’m not happy that all the major car manufacturers have killed their all electric vehicle projects. It is really disgusting. I’ll buy a volt if it really makes it. I’m concerned that it won’t. The oil lobby is going to try to block it or temp us with pie in the sky technologies that divert our attention somehow.

    Here is some good news (sort of… it’s good for the earth, but bad for the UAW and the American economy)…


    Warren Buffet rarely guesses wrong and he’s investing a small fortune in this Chinese car…


    Comment by Mike L. | December 20, 2008

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