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Petition: Special Prosecutor for War Crimes in Bush Admin.

There is a petition to Eric Holder, Obama’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General (who must be confirmed by the Senate) to appoint a Special Prosecutor to indict and try any Bush administration officials found guilty of crimes, especially torture and other war crimes. (VP Cheney last week admitted on TV that he was involved in authorizing “waterboarding,” which used to be called water torture. In the Vietnam War, we prosecuted U.S. soldiers who did this to captured soldiers. After World War II we HUNG Japanese soldiers who did this to American prisoners of war. At least one U.S. Senator, Carl Levin (D-MI) of the Armed Services Committee, has said that he believes the VP just admitted to a war crime.) In order to prevent a recurrence under future administrations, we don’t just need a change in policy with the Obama folk–we need to indict and try those who committed these crimes under the Bush admin.

It won’t be easy. Congress, including FAR too many Democrats, cooperated with much of this. The Obama folk are not going to want to appear in the political revenge business–it doesn’t look post-partisan. But it is necessary and we citizens are going to need to keep the pressure on for it to happen.

Yes, I want the economy fixed and the ecology, etc. But if I have to choose between living in a poor country that respects human rights and obeys the rule of law, including international law, or living in a rich country that ignores laws and suppresses rights when it feels like it, I’ll choose the former.  Sign the petition here, then write an op-ed for your local paper and call your congressperson in support.

By the way, Mr. Holder has already responded with “I hear you.” So, the petition is working. Keep it up, since “I hear you,” while significant, is not exactly a commitment.

I also think human rights groups (faith-based and otherwise) should plan major events to highlight these issues in ’09 and keep the pressure on–including protests and acts of civil disobedience if necessary.


December 22, 2008 - Posted by | human rights., torture, violence

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  1. Although I’m toroughly skeptic about what could be a trial against G.W. Bush, this is the way how USA could show a little of respect for all we non-anglosaxon people outside USA.

    Comment by mountainguy | December 22, 2008

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