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Heeding God’s Call: A Gathering on Peace

The three “Historic Peace Churches” (Friends/Quakers, Mennonites, and the Church of the Brethren) are hosting an ecumenical gathering working for peace and justice in the world. The event will be held 13-17 January 2009 in Philadelphia, PA and is open to all.  The purpose of the gathering is “to strengthen our witness and work for peace in the world by inspiring hope, raising voices, taking action.” To find out more information, see speakers, register to attend, etc., go to their website here

[ Please note: As with other events of this kind, I am just passing on an advertisement. Please do NOT email me for an invitation, or flood the comments with request for aid to attend, etc. as has been done with other events. I am not in charge of anything and just found out about the event myself. Click the link and get your information there. This kind of disclaimer should be obvious, but I am STILL getting requests for aid, invitations, etc. to the February International Baptist Peace Conference in Rome, when I have repeatedly said that I am NOT on the planning committee, etc.  I want to use this blog to highlight good things like this, but I have to spend an enormous amount of time deleting emails from people who can’t follow directions.]

This sounds like a significant event. I am sorry to be finding out about it so late as I would have liked to attend.

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