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Rabbi Lerner: Mid-East Peace Plan

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun and leader of the Network of Spiritual Progressives, has outlined a great Strategy to End the Israel/Palestine Struggle One and for AllI recommend it and hope it circulates widely–and I hope people keep emailing it to the Obama transition team and to Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Majority Leader Reid, their GOP counterparts in the Minority and your own representative and senators.  Also, send it to your local papers.

I know Rabbi Lerner slightly and have long admired his writings and leadership among progressive religious leaders.  (We have met at a meeting of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America in ’06 when he was a guest speaker and from 2 gatherings of the Network of Spiritual Progressives.) This outline is not new.  It builds on his book, Healing Israel/Healing Palestine. 

While we pray for peace, let us work for peace in concrete, practical ways like proposed here.

UPDATE:  Brian Kaylor has an article on Ethics Daily that gives descriptions the Gaza crisis from Baptist leaders in the region, including the Baptist  pastor who is the only Protestant minister in Gaza.  I am sure descriptions from other church leaders in the region would be similarly at odds with the ultra-pro-Israel blindness of most U.S. Christians.

UPDATE II: Kaylor has another Ethics Daily article that shows how a factually inaccurate  story on Baptist Press has spread to other Christian news sources. This kind of thing is why U.S. Christians (and Americans generally) are so ill-informed about the Middle East. Then they let their prior theological commitment to Israel at all costs color their interpretation of what is happening in any current crisis.

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