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Barack Obama is now 44th President of USA

Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the oath of office, but we got through it. [Update: Obama also made a mistake–minor but embarassing for a student of history like the new president. He said that 44 Americans have now taken the  oath of office. Oops! He IS the 44th President, but only because Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms, as 22nd and 24th President. So, only 43 Americans have taken the oath.  I wonder that none of his factcheckers caught that one. 🙂 ]

  Bush is gone. Obama has just signed his official nominations of his cabinet, many of whom will be confirmed today by unanimous consent of the Senate. (One senator is preventing that from being the case with Hillary Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State, so she will be confirmed tomorrow by roll call vote, which she will easily win.)

The crowds were huge.  The inaugural address was amazing, calling for both personal and governmental responsibility. He prepared the nation for tough times, but called us to sacrifice for the common good. He reached out to other nations, especially Muslim nations, in friendship and work for peace. He also promised poor nations that we would work beside them to achieve prosperity. He told terrorists that they could not defeat us, we would outlast and defeat them, but NOT while lowering our ideals to their levels for the sake of expediency. (Much hinting that swift action would be taken to close Gitmo and secret prisons, ban torture, by executive order.)

A call to clean energy and tackling climate change while rebuilding the economy.  But he reminded us to be primarily citizens rather than primarily consumers!!

A call to sacrifice with quotations from Washington, and allusions to JFK, Lincoln, I Corinthians, and much else. 

I cried like a baby.  I’ll return to “outsider social critic” tomorrow. Today, I am just a proud citizen–and it has been a LOONNGG time since I was proud of my country.

You can read the full text of the inaugural  address at this link.

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