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Faith Groups Celebrate Torture Ban

This has been underreported in the news.  Gentle Readers, especially in the U.S., please flood your local papers, TV stations, and national networks with this story. It needs to get wider attention.  Many, MANY faith groups are applauding the Obama administration’s ban on torture (and related matters) and urging more to be done–like legislation by Congress.  Faith in Public Life has links to many approving statements by faith groups here.  Give the link in that story to the media outlets you contact.  The media story today was that these moves by Obama were welcomed by “liberal civil liberties groups,” but not by either the military (not so, those were retired generals behind Obama’s desk when he signed the Executive Orders and many in the military and intelligence communities had been urging these actions for years) or “average Americans.”  If we can get widespread media coverage of the support by faith leaders, we can give these actions much needed support–and encourage the further actions which are needed.

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What the GOP Fears

You can tell what the Republicans in the Senate most fear from the Obama administration by looking at which cabinet nominees they are stalling or trying to block.  Hillary Clinton (once considered by the GOP to be a symbol of everything bad about “liberals”–even though liberals and progressives like myself always saw the Clintons as center-right) passed easily.  Tim Geithner is being confirmed as Treasury Secretary despite his past tax problems even though he  arguably helped create our current economic mess. (Not by himself, of course, and he stopped being a fann of deregulation sooner, but he still would never have been my choice at Treasury.  I would have wanted a real left of center economist like Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.) William Lynn of Raytheon infamy (whose appointment breaks Obama’s own rules on lobbyists) will probably be confirmed as Deputy Sec. of Defense for Appropriations!  Where Obama is more continuity than “Change we can believe in,” the Senate GOP has no real problems, even if they posture ahead of time for their constituents.

No, where they are really digging in their heals shows their  deep fears:

  • Eric Holder as Attorney General.  The Republicans are terrified that he will have the Department of Justice investigate all the Bush admin.’s criminal wrongdoings. They want him to pledge that he will not prosecute torturers–something he has refused to do, thankfully, even though he hasn’t pledged to investigate and prosecute either.
  • Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) as Secretary of Labor.  The Republicans are TERRIFIED that she will actually believe in and defend organized labor–as her job requires–rather than being a union buster as the GOP prefers.
  • Lisa Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator.  Not all Republicans hate the environment, of course.  In fact, our best environmental presidents have been Republicans (Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, & Richard Nixon). Our worst environmental presidents have also been Republicans (Reagan,  both Bushes) which averages out to the mixed record of Democratic  presidents.  But the TYPE of Republicans that are left in the U.S. Senate (with the partial exceptions of McCain (AZ), Snowe (ME), & Collins (ME) )absolutely LOVED the Bush-era free reign to rape and pillage the earth–and are scared witless that this will end in the new administration.

So, that’s it.  The GOP fears an independent Department of Justice that will really uphold the rule of law. It fears that union busting will be replaced by a newly strengthened labor movement (recall the war on the United Auto Workers by the GOP in December!).  And it fears an EPA that actually PROTECTS the environment!

What the GOP fears is precisely what most Americans celebrate–and at least partly why they voted as they did this past November (and not just in the presidential election, but in “downticket” races). So, we need to push back and get the GOP to quit stalling and confirm these cabinet members so they can get to work for us.  If they want to flex muscle and show Obama he can’t get everything he wants, they should do it with Geithner or Lynn (I would add Gates at Defense, but since he’s a holdover from Bush, he doesn’t have to be confirmed by the Senate). Call your senators  today and tell them to quit stalling–and turn their attention to helping the president save our economy!

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