Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

“Why I Am” Series

I invite guest posts for some testimonials explaining some of your basic conviction and commitments: religious (or anti-religious), political, etc.  They should be in the 1,000 word range.  Examples: Why I am a Christian, Why I am an Atheist, Why I am a Democrat, Why I am an Environmentalist, etc. 

I don’t expect any of these essays to explain ALL of the writers’ basic commitments and few if any of us know ALL the reasons for our views (parental upbringing–either in agreement or reaction–rules far more of us than we’d like to admit). But I am not concentrating on the psychological or sociological reasons as much as the logical reasons–what makes you think such a view is RIGHT.

I myself will probably contribute several essays to the series: Why I am a Christ-follower (since “Christian” now seems to make “following” or discipleship optional, unlike the original meaning of the word); Why I am an (ana) Baptist; Why I am a Pacifist and Conscientious Objector; Why I am a Democrat; Why I am a (Male) Feminist.  Maybe others. But I won’t start the series and I will only put my own contributions in among the others. Folks shouldn’t have to read just me all the time.


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