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Compassionate Capitalists?

About a month ago, I profiled a banker who “got it” so that we could see they weren’t all complete arrogant idiots who gambled with other people’s money, lost it, screwed up the economy and then still expect to live like kings while the people they screwed (taxpayers) pay through the nose to save their companies (in order to ward off a complete financial collapse).  Not all bankers are such arrogant fools and I wanted to show that. 

Well, as a self-declared democratic socialist, let me be the first to highlight some other businesses which seem to “get it.”  Ford and GM (partly out of enlightened self-interest) know that many Americans are putting off buying a new car (even with tax breaks for doing so in the stimulus ) out of fear of repossession if they lose their jobs. So, Ford and GM are guaranteeing your car payments for a year: If you buy one of their cars, then lose your job, they will make up to $700 monthly payments for a year or until you find another job, whichever comes first!  You have to qualify for unemployment insurance to get this benefit.

The Obama administration is also guaranteeing new car warranties for GM and Chrysler in order to encourage buying American, too.

Oh, and Ford is also working with local dealers to try to help charities which have been hurt by the recession. (Charitable giving is WAY down and many charities, especially those which give direct aid to the poor, are nearly broke with overwhelming new cases of need and less giving.)

And Walgreen’s is offering free prescriptions and health services to the uninsured.  (I hope this isn’t used as an excuse by Congress to put off universal healthcare.)


March 31, 2009 - Posted by | economic justice


  1. I think pharmacists should be getting behind single-payer health care. It will only help their business and cut down on overhead.

    Comment by Steven Kippel | April 1, 2009

  2. Good point, Steven. Has anyone polled pharmacists? 59% of physicians support single-payer healthcare. The Big Pharma companies, of course, oppose ANY healthcare reform because they make about 20% in profit under the current “system.” That’s the highest profit rates of any industry, dwarfing that of the oil companies. But local pharmacists could be a different matter.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | April 1, 2009

  3. Didn’t Wal-Mart start this all off with $4 prescriptions?

    Comment by KGray | April 4, 2009

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