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More Proof that Texans Are Smarter Than Their Gov.

My friend Marty (a Texan) keeps pointing out to me that Rick “Governor Goodhair” Perry won reelection with only 30% 39% of the vote. I’m not sure how one does that, but I’m glad that 70 61% of Texans voted against him.  Also, the Texas Legislature overruled him to accept all of the stimulus money, including $550 million to keep their unemployment insurance fund from going bankrupt–the part that Perry wanted to turn down. I think this is what Perry was calling “intrusive,” the fact that the federal funds came with strings. No kidding. So do bank loans. So do academic scholarships.  Almost ALL  money “comes with strings” and beggars can’t be choosers and, guess what, the states are BROKE!

Also a new Rasmussen poll (and Rasmussen skews conservative–or did so in the last election cycle anyway) shows that 75% of Texans definitely want to remain Americans and of the remaining quarter, more are “unsure” than definitely want to secede. (I think if TX newspapers spelled out some of the consequences of secession that I listed here, the number wanting to secede would probably dwindle to less than 1% VERY quickly.)

But now here’s even more proof that Texans are smarter than their governor:  The Texas House just voted to cut the operating expenses of Perry’s office ($24 million per annum) by 96% and use that money to help the mentally ill.   I like those priorities–although much more talk of secession and “state sovereignty” and Perry just might count as PART of the mentally ill! 🙂  Here’s hoping the Texas Senate follows suit.  I wonder how good a reelection move it would be to veto such a shift of funds, saying, in effect: “I’m far more important than getting good treatment for the mentally ill!”


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  1. I was a bit off on the percentage. Relying on my memory isn’t good these days. Perry actually won with 39% of the vote. But, still, 61% voted against him. We Texans really aren’t as dumb as we seem. 🙂

    Comment by Marty | April 19, 2009

  2. We Kentuckians aren’t either. Although, KY is my adopted state, but FL has done some dumb stuff, too, including twice elect John Ellis “JEB” Bush as governor. 🙂

    No state is immune. CA gave us both Nixon and Reagan (and now they want to replace the statue of Rev. Starr King, a Unitarian minister who helped CA come in on the side of the Union instead of the Confederacy, with a statue of Reagan in the U.S. capitol!). NY gave us Pataki and Guiliani. Mass. gave us Mitt Romney.

    I mean, really. Just as all of us are better than the worst thing we’ve ever done, so every state is better than the worst politician it’s ever elected. But this one got under my skin. I couldn’t go from hearing the GOP say “Country First” all through last year to hearing them cry “secede” now just because they LOST and LOST BADLY.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | April 19, 2009

  3. Republicans have become the anti-American party, even as they accuse the President of the same. Most of what they are now advocating is anti-American, plain and simple. They want the government to fail, they talk secession, over the course of the eight years of the Bush administration, they put the Constitution on the back burner, and they can’t accept the outcome of fair elections. The have effectively marginalized themselves!

    Comment by Ralph Reed | April 19, 2009

  4. I am in favor of South Carolina becoming a part of Mexico . You gringos are loco en la cabeza. 🙂

    Comment by Paul | April 19, 2009

  5. S.C. is advocating secession also? No wonder. Their governor is a crazy Republican as well.

    Comment by Ralph Reed | April 19, 2009

  6. hahaha, nice comment Paul.

    Comment by mountainguy | April 19, 2009

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