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Of Lions, Zebras, and Market Regulation

Judge Richard A. Posner, a U.S. circuit court judge and one of the most cited legal scholars in U.S. history has long been a prominent champion of capitalism and market deregulation.  He’s still a capitalist, but the recession and the financial industry implosion has led him to re-think his views on regulation.  He has a forthcoming book, A Failure of Capitalism which I’ll look forward to reading.  He discusses his change of heart in this article.

His best analogy is this one:

“If you’re worried that lions are eating too many zebras, you don’t say to the lions, ‘You’re eating too many zebras.’ You have to build a fence around the lions. They’re not going to build it.”

Similarly, Posner doesn’t blame the investment bankers (but the deregulation, especially the way Gramm–Leach-Biley repealed Glass-Steagall in 1999) for not sensing how their high risk behavior put the entire global economy at risk.  “If you say to a banker, ‘If all the banks go broke, the economy will take a hit.’ They’ll say, ‘What can I do. If I decide to play it safe, my competitors will take all my business.’ ”

Since our free-market system encourages businessmen to be self-interested profit maximizers, Posner says it doesn’t make sense to also ask them to be conscious of their impact on the wider economy.

“You can’t expect [an] individual firm to be worrying about what his collapse will do to the rest of economy. That’s why you need government regulation of banking… Coal-burning utilities in the Midwest don’t worry about acid rain because that’s going to be in the east. That’s why you need regulation.”

The entire article is worth reading. 

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