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Fight Global Warming: Cap & Trade Carbon Emissions

Global warming, with entailed catastrophic climate change, is happening faster than projected just 5 years ago.  International climatologists now believe that we need to cut greenhouse gasses, especially carbon dioxide, by up to 75% globally by 2050 if we are to prevent much of Southwest Asia from drowning, much of Africa from being a scorching desert, save the polar ice-caps, and prevent monster killer storms from being a regular feature of much of North America–as just some of the major of the major consequences.  One major key to getting where we need to be is a “cap and trade system” that combines regulation with market forces to rapidly reduce industrial carbon emissions. Congress is now debating such a system, but the climate change deniers (and those in the pockets of the Big Coal and Big Oil lobbies) keep trying to derail it or water it down to nothing.

Below are explanations of how cap and trade works.  It’s how we stopped the sulfur-dioxide emissions that were causing acid rain.  Watch them and then call your senators and Congresscritters and urge them to pass a cap and trade bill with a strong and hard cap and to do so without delay.  Get your church members, civic associations, etc. to visit your congresscritter and senators’ offices and register your views in person. Then write letters to the editors of your local papers supporting a firm cap and trade bill–THIS YEAR.

Here’s a 10-minute version.

And here’s a mayor who sees the jobs cap and trade will create. Watch him run the numbers.

Yep, save God’s creation (of which we are only stewards–currently pretty unfaithful ones) AND create jobs.  Or keep selling our souls to Big Coal and Big Oil at the cost of the planet and the economy.  Future generations, provided there are any,  will judge our actions now and decide on their wisdom or foolishness. 

We should have acted at the Rio Summit in ’92.  We should have signed the Kyoto Treaty in ’97.  We did neither and put the global warming deniers and flat-earthers in charge of the government after that.  Now, we are all but out of time.  We can’t wait until  the economy gets better. We can’t wait at all.


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  1. I respectfully disagree that climate change is happening faster than was predicted 5 years ago? What statistics are you making this assumption from? I believe this to be the problem with statements like “the debate is over” True scientists are always debating, always searching always trying to disprove. Pseudo science loves however to embrace the unprovable. Climate change subscribers insist that whether the Earth cools or warms its a consequence of man. That’s not a scientific statement in the least.
    Many scientists are now convinced that historical records clearly show that CO2 levels follow the temperatures, not the other way around as VP Gore claimed in his disproved and deliberately dishonest hockey stick graph.
    Many scientists today are more convinced that Sun activity is a more likely candidate for the changes we have seen in the climate.
    Most governments are expanding at warp speed toward more control of their citizenry. The left side of the aisle has spent the last 8 years screaming about fear mongering, but I believe with the last 4 months of one crisis being rolled out after another its clear that fear mongering is not uniquely a Republican tactic.
    Create enough fear and pass legislation that makes people more and more dependent on government. The science of GW was hijacked a while ago by politicians, lets hope that real science can wrestle it back.

    Comment by Fat Boy Fitness Zone | May 8, 2009

  2. Fat Boy, I admit to writing this from memory of newspaper articles over the last few months. However, here is a link to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

    Here’s the data from NOAA:

    Similar summaries could found on the websites of NASA, too. In fact, the IPCC represents the vast consensus of scientists globally. When you say, true scientists are always discussing and debating, that’s true but misleading. You don’t find debates over the germ theory of disease–just refinements. You don’t find debates about whether the earth revolves around the sun.

    The debates among “true scientists” in peer-reviewed journals concern the minutiae on climate change, not the big picture.

    And your assertion that “most scientists” believe carbon levels FOLLOW temperature changes is simply false. There are cycles. What we’ve dumped into our air since the industrial revolution leads to UNPRECEDENTED levels of greenhouse gasses, far beyond the normal cooling and warming cycles.

    And while I have enormous respect for former VP Gore for working to bring this problem to light and working since the ’70s to get something done about it, I did not learn about this problem from Gore. In fact, my next door neighbor growing up was a climatologist with NASA and was warning about the greenhouse effect in 1974. Your junk science information can be countered here:

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | May 9, 2009

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