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Bush: Torturers Should Be Prosecuted; Take Him at His Word

Here is what Bush said on Al-Arabiya TV when the Abu Ghraib scandals broke:


Now that we know that this was not a “few bad apples,” but a widespread program, we should take Bush at his word and prosecute everyone, including Cheney and Bush.  Write Whitehouse.gov and the Attorney General and DEMAND a special prosecutor.


Tell me folks:  The next time an enemy of the USA tortures one of our citizens, will we be prepared to let her/him off the hook as long as they DEBATE THE MORALITY AND EFFECTIVENESS OF TORTURE?   If your answer is “no,” then we must step up the calls to appoint a special prosecutor and investigate and prosecute EVERYONE RESPONSIBLE in the U.S. for the torture of others:  CIA, military, rank-and-file, bigwigs, regardless of party.


May 10, 2009 - Posted by | torture

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