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Take Action for Universal Healthcare

If you believe that universal healthcare, high quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of ability to pay is a RIGHT, take notice,–you are going to have to organize and (nonviolently) FIGHT for it.  If you believe, as I do, that medicine is for PEOPLE, not PROFITS, and are tired of the U.S.  being the only remaining industrial democracy (and one of the few industrial nations, period) WITHOUT such basic care for all citizens, then it is TIME TO ACT. 

Because without action, without pressure, the “healthcare reform” proposed by the Obama administration and moving slowly through Congress will end up being  paper reform that does not address the root of the problem.  At best, it will be a half-measure.  At worst, it could end up being giant taxpayer subsidies to the for-profit healthcare insurance industry!!!

It’s time for ACTION.  Here is a link to a ton of actions you can take.  Get organized, folks, and get in the streets, in Congressional offices, in the press, in people’s faces.  Power never gives up any unjust privileges without struggle. On their side: the huge money of Big Pharma and the healthcare industry.  On our side: morality, the will of the people, doctors, nurses, unions, struggling auto companies, and the power of organized nonviolence.  No more waiting until a better year.  No more half measures.  No more “Harry and Louise” commercials.  No more stalling. We want universal healthcare for EVERYONE and we want it NOW, this year!


May 13, 2009 - Posted by | economic justice, healthcare, human rights.

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  1. I fear that this will, indeed, be paper reform. The medical industry lobby is too powerful and the propaganda machine will crank up its output to convince the American people that the “commies” are going to take over.

    Comment by Ralph | May 14, 2009

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