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End Torture and Free the Innocent NOW

Bob Herbert’s column MUST be read.  The U.S. government (and, thus, all of us who are citizens), “detained” a teenaged boy years ago, tortured him, and kept him in various semi-legal prison.  HOW LONG  before he is freed? How long before we free all the innocent and try those who should be tried? When do we STOP the torture and the indefinite imprisonment?  How long will we allow the 3,000 innocent deaths at 9/11 be used to keep justifying things are NEVER justifiable?  When will we realize that WE ARE BRINGING SHAME TO THE MEMORIES OF THE 9/11 VICTIMS??

STOP. NOW.  It has to end.

June 30, 2009 - Posted by | human rights., torture


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  2. Send him back to Afghanistan and have done with it.

    Comment by Paul | June 30, 2009

  3. And pay him and his family restitution for our actions–the way we did for Japanee Americans rounded up during WWII.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | June 30, 2009

  4. Pay him restitution…

    Comment by Paul | June 30, 2009

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