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Brief Hiatus.

I am taking a brief hiatus from political commentary on this blog–even though that’s a large part of its raison d’etre. But I find myself so angry at the right and so frustrated with so-called centrists, that I don’t have the patience for ordinary conversation. My frustration level stems from the bizarre way our system works: When the Republicans win, the far right gets nearly everything they want–usually with FAR too much cooperation from Democrats and a fawning media. When the Democrats win elections, even with large majorities and clear mandates, the right STILL controls too much of the debate and the Dems start off by watering down bills and lowering expectations before even TRYING.  Oh for a Party that was as tough and disciplined as the Republicans usually are, but with the progressive mainstream values of the country.  GOP= bad ideas plus strong determination to achieve them. Democrats=good ideas when in the minority and no hope of passing them, but as soon as they win becoming too afraid of success or their own shadows or something to get done what they were elected to DO. It’s enough to make a saint swear like a sailor.  And it is far too frustrating right now for me to be civil to conservative critics who comment here.

So, for awhile, I’m gonna stick with apolitical topics until I can regain equilibrium.

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