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In Praise of Facebook

I have resisted the social networking technology. I hadn’t joined MySpace, Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking website. I didn’t have anything against them. I just thought they would eat up time I needed for real work and real life–this blog is already too much of a temptation.

But as my email kept getting filled up with junk, I was finding it harder to keep up with my far-flung, extended family. My wife and daughters were learning more through Facebook. So, about a week ago, I broke down and opened up an account.  Yes, there is far too much on it that will waste time. I have already refused Farmtown, Yo’Ville, Mafia Wars, food fights, etc.

But it IS helpful  to connec t with family and friends. In just a week, I have learned far more about my nieces and nephews than ever before.  For that alone, I would praise Facebook.  But it is also helping me connect with youth in our church–who will open up online in snippets when they would find it too uncool to do in person. 🙂

So, I hereby repent of my earlier reluctance and give praise to Facebook.  But I still won’t “tweet”–even though I am grateful for the role Twitter is playing in keeping the Iranian protests and repressive reactions from being blacked out by the theocratic  dictatorship. 

As with most technologies, it”s the abuse rather than use which  is the problem.  So, I have to watch myself so that I don’t fall prey to the temptations of FB.  But I am so grateful for the ways I’m getting to know geographically distant members of my family.


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  1. I, too, resisted it for a long time, but I have reconnected with friends and former co-workers. Great socialization, if you stay away from all of the crazy games and such. I got into all of those for a while, but found they were too much trouble and too time consuming.

    Comment by Ralph | July 6, 2009

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