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Obama and the Sermon on the Mount: Contradictions Galore

This video was also courtesy of Derrick Crowe.  Tomorrow (Sunday), I should have the next installment ready of my series on the Bible and Pacifism which finishes the section interpreting the Sermon on the Mount.


October 24, 2009 - Posted by | Sermon on the Mount

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  1. This video has me crying, and praying. Let us pray for Mr. Obama that he will turn to the faith he confesses and stand for the “least of these” as he seeks the future engagement of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    I am encouraged by his Iranian engagements, and how productive they have been even after the years of Mr. Bush claiming direct engagement is foolhardy, and placing the warming nation on the “axis of evil” list.

    Comment by Steven Kippel | October 27, 2009

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