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Grieving Tragic, Meaningless Deaths.

Cancelling regularly scheduled blogging.  Two friends, not close, but friends, from college days have committed suicide within a few weeks of each other. 

We need to reach out to each other, hold each other close.  We must also trust that God’s love is stronger than our ability to comprehend matters.


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  1. Suicide is so difficult to fathom, yet, if one has ever suffered from even mild depression, he understands in a way why someone might go that far. It is like drowning with no hope of rescue. We simply can’t blame those folks, for they are not in control of themselves.

    Comment by Ralph | October 26, 2009

  2. May they rest in peace…

    Comment by Paul | October 26, 2009

  3. I suffer from cycles of depression, Ralph, so I understand completely.

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | October 26, 2009

  4. I suffer from depression and I know about those dark times. I pray for those who died, maybe they have finally found the light. I pray for those left behind that God will comfort them.

    Comment by Georgianna | October 27, 2009

  5. I’m sorry for your pain. We’ll pray for you.

    Comment by dcrowe | October 31, 2009

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