Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers


Michael L. Westmoreland-White, Ph.D. I live in Louisville, KY USA with my wife, Kate, and our two wonderful daughters. My wife, Kate, is a Baptist minister who works at a Catholic charity (the Society of St. Vincent de Paul) to provide assisted housing to homeless people. Our daughters are Molly (’95) and Miriam (’99). I am a former soldier converted to gospel nonviolence and a once (and future?) academic theologian turned peace activist, author, and peace educator. Contact me at mlw-w@insightbb.com

The Levellers were a 17th C. movement during the English Civil War.  They were a religiously-inspired political movement for democracy, human rights, justice for the poor, and peace. Their strongest leader was Richard Overton, a pacifist General Baptist influenced by Dutch Mennonites. Although I write on a wide range of topics, most often this blog deals with the intersection of faith,  especially Christian faith, and work for social justice and peace. So, I have named the blog and dedicated it to the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers.

Rules for commenting on this blog:  1) Respect everyone, even when you disagree strongly. 2) Keep comments relatively short. If you need a long post on your own blog, I’ll follow you there to see what more you have to say. 3) Stay on topic, please. 4) Don’t hog the conversation; let others have a turn. 5) This is a family-friendly blog. No profanity or language that my children and your children cannot read, please.  Failure to follow these simple rules could lead me to removing your comment(s).


  1. […] Michael L. Westmoreland-White, former soldier turned peace activist in Louisville, Kentucky, believes the nominees epitomize the “change” Obama has promised. The part of the last 8 years I hated the most was the absolute disregard for the rule of law (domestic, Constitutional, and International) by the Bush administration. […] […]

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  2. Michael,

    Thanks for your comment! I believe we’ve met before – via another blog I had a few years ago – but it’s good to connect again. I’m also a member of the Christian peace bloggers and baptist bloggers networks. I’m glad to see you’re still blogging and will promptly add you to my blogroll!

    Grace & peace,

    Comment by Andrew | April 3, 2009

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