Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers


 Organizations and Institutes:

American Civil Liberties Union (The premier legal defender of civil liberties in the U.S., especially the First Amendment issues: Religious Liberty and church-state separation, free speech, freedom of the press, right to assemble, right to petition government for a redress of wrongs.)

Americans for Religious Liberty

Americans United for Separation of Church & State

Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty (A coalition of Baptist denominations in the U.S. unite to fund the BJC which focuses on defending religious liberty and church-state separation.)

First Amendment Center @ Vanderbilt University

Freedom From Religion Foundation (Generally critical of religious belief, FFRF promotes skepticism and agnostic or atheist views. I obviously do not share this outlook, but FFRF performs a useful function in working to make sure that government respects the rights of nonbelievers–freedom to worship also includes the freedom to be left alone.)

Interfaith Alliance (A grassroots organization of persons of faith promoting democratic values, defending religious liberty, challenging hatred and religious bigotry, and reinvigorating informed civic participation.)

International Religious Liberty Association (Since 1893 IRLA has promoted religious liberty for all people around the world.)

J. M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies (At Baylor University, Waco, TX)

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Thomas Helwys Centre for the Study of Religious Freedom (At Bristol Baptist College in the U.K., the oldest Baptist institution of higher education in the world. Named after a pioneer Baptist leader and a pioneer defender of religious liberty.)

Bibliography on Religious Liberty and Church-State Separation (Continually updated as I find time. Feel free to suggest sources.)

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Journals and Periodicals on Church-State Relations:

Church and State Official magazine of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

European Journal for Church and State Research

Journal of Church and State, published by the J. M. Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies, Baylor University

Journal of Religion and Society

Journal of Law and Religion, published by the Hamline University School of Law

Liberty: A Magazine of Religious Freedom published by the International Religious Liberty Association, founded by Seventh Day Adventists, historic victims of religious discrimination.

Report from the Capital, magazine of the Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty

Rutgers’ Journal of Law and Religion published by Rutgers’ University’s law school


  1. Michael: I saw your post on Americans United and your link there to your site here, and just wanted to visit you and say “WELCOME; thither let us reason together.”

    I lok forward to exchanging thoughts, ideas with you.

    Good site.

    Comment by yahweh | May 4, 2009

  2. Thanks, Yahweh. Is that you, LORD? Your humble Leveller servant here doesn’t want to seem presumptious with your NAME and all. 🙂

    Comment by Michael Westmoreland-White | May 4, 2009

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