Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

Peace Blogger Interviews

These are the interviews I conducted with many of the members of the Christian Peace Bloggers, blog ring.  I hope to add other interviews in the future.

  1. Chris Baker, United Methodist minister, blogging at Sandaltraps Sanctuary.
  2. Brandy C of Brandy’s Variety Garden. Note: This young woman resigned from the blog-ring.
  3. Patrick Hagman, Finnish Baptist theology student, blogging at God in a Shrinking Universe.
  4. Aric Clark, Presbyterian seminarian, blogging at Mined Splatterings.
  5. Lee McCracken, editor in a publishing firm, blogging at A Thinking Reed.
  6. Marty Friedrich, church administrator in Texas & mother of a soldier. Her blog is On the Homefront.
  7. Abigail Miller, Mennonite with Amish background, blogging at Parables.
  8. Pam Garrud, British Methodist minister, blogging at Pam BG’s Blog.
  9. Daniel Schweissing, pt. 1. and pt. 2 Daniel is an American Baptist missionary teacher in the Bahamas, blogging at Doing Theology from the Caribbean.
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