Faith & Social Justice: In the spirit of Richard Overton and the 17th C. Levellers

Popular Series

Testimony: Autobiographical Excerpts

Critical Variables in Moral Discernment

GLBT Persons in the Church: A Case for Full Inclusion. I have closed the comments on this series, since it has gone on long enough.

Creation and Evolution

The Practices of Just Peacemaking

Just War Theory posts

Personal Heroes

Theology as a Craft

Theological Confessions Meme (Indexed on Faith and Theology, Ben Myers’ great blog)

My Peace I Leave Unto You (Guest posts, including mine, on Inhabitatio Dei, Halden Doerge’s blog)

Theological Mentors

Encounters with Tradition (A series of guest posts at Faith and Theology.  My entry is #5. All are great.)

Dialogue Partners in Theology: Liberals, CONSERVATIVE Evangelicals, Jews , Evangelicals in a broader sense.  More to come–next up is probably Catholic dialogue partners.

Economics and Christian Ethics: Bibliographic Essays

Liberty of Conscience

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